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The Post Oak Community wants to continue the regular weekly landscaping and maintenance within our community. Our focus is the 5 entrances and 900 feet of roadway along Post Oak Tritt Road. We truly need your financial support – please consider how your contribution will support your neighborhood! Our annual costs are:

  • Weekly mowing, blowing, edging and weed control $5,400
  • Pine straw and mulch $1,000
  • Signage/Lighting Maintenance $500
  • Keeping our lights on $1,800

For questions or comments, or if you are interested in serving the community with your time and abilities, please email

Please make it a priority this spring to support your community! You can visit the Donate tab above to give online.

Thank you for your support!

William Wideman
Post Oak Community Champion, Chair

Community Update


Please send in your $50 annual contribution if you have not already. The 5 entrances have a fresh layer of pine straw, weed control and heavy pruning completed. Legendary Lawn has picked up their seasonal mowing and weed control along Post Oak Tritt Road. Thank you for your support. Let’s keep the community looking beautiful!

You can make a donation online, or using check-by-mail to:

Post Oak Community
PO Box 73022
Marietta, GA 30007


Piney Grove Creek runs through our community, so there is ample opportunity for a snake encounter during the warm months. In fact, there have been several copperhead snake sightings in the Post Oak Community area as well as at least two dogs bitten in the last few weeks that we are aware of (one was mine). In the last three years we are aware of three people in the neighborhood that were bitten by a copperhead. Please do your research to be able to recognize the markings of a copperhead snake or a water moccasin. Both types are territorial and aggressive and will bite if provoked.




Water Moccasin