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Post Oak Community wants to continue regular weekly landscaping and maintenance within our community. Our focus is the 5 entrances and 900 feet of roadway along Post Oak Tritt Road.  We truly need your financial support. Please consider how your contribution will support your neighborhood. Suggested donation for each home in Post Oak Springs and Post Oak Square is $50.

– Weekly mowing, blowing, edging and weed control $5,400
– Pine straw and mulch $1,500
– Signage/Lighting Maintenance $500
– Keeping our lights on $1,700
– Tear out and replace flowering shrubs and other perennials $1,000

Please make it a priority this spring to support your community!

William Wideman
Post Oak Community Champion, Chair                                                                                                              

For questions or comments, or if you are interested in serving the community with your time and abilities, please email me at

To Donate By Check:
Complete And Remit Payment To
Post Oak Community
PO Box 73022 Marietta, GA 30007

To Donate Online:
Visit our website, Click the Donation Tab.
Complete the form and click the PayPal button

Mail stolen from neighbor’s mailbox.

This came in from a neighbor in the community.

I wanted to give a heads up to the community that I witnessed someone stealing my mail out of the mail box. They were parked in the cul-de-sac across from my house. When the mail carrier delivered the mail they were right behind him. I know because I was walking to the box when they stopped. It was dark and raining so I did not get a description. I did call Cobb Police and filed a report. I think this has happened to us during the last week. I expected mail but, when I went to the box it was empty and the door was open. Plus my credit card company had contacted me a few days ago to ask if I had requested a new credit card via their on line service, I had not. After the theft I contacted them to cancel whatever cards they were sending me.

Please be diligent about cars parked in front of the house.