Have You Donated?

Earlier this Spring, PORA sent out a newsletter and included a small communication about the Post Oak Community’s Annual Dues in the amount of $50.  This is an annual donation that is put directly towards:

  • Monthly landscaping and maintenance services
  • Lighting and electrical for all the entrances
  • Decoration and beautification of the entrances
  • Insurance for the signage and common areas

Typically it would also pay for graduation banners, but unfortunately we did not receive enough donations after the first notice to provide banners this Spring. We only ask for what amounts to one tank of gas to keep our community beautiful and to help enhance our property values for an entire year.

If you already donated, thank you! If you have not yet donated, we conveniently accept payment via Paypal or by check – see our Donations page. For questions or comments, please email info@postoakcommunity.org.