Post Oak Entrance Plantings

The main focus of the Post Oak Homeowners Association is the ongoing maintenance of the five entrances to the subdivision.  The board members voted in the early Fall of 2012 to go forward with a planting project that is intended to improve the look of the five subdivision entrances and further define them.  This effort is intended to reinforce the visual continuity of the neighborhood at the entrances as well as enhance property values.

This project is a phased approach that started with the rebuilding of the stonework, signs, entrance lights and new evergreens following the road widening of Post Oak Tritt in 2009. This phase, which includes the river rock and additional plantings are scheduled to be complete by the end of November 2012.

Elements of the Project:

  • River rock is a signature element at each entrance forming a waving line that establishes areas for specific plants.  Over time, additional plants will follow this line and further define this as a signature border.
  • Pine straw will continue to be placed on the outside of the river rock border with bark chips and mulch placed on the inside area of the island with the stone signage at the center.
  • The plants being added to each island are drought tolerant and will be watered by hand until their root systems have been established.
  • Plants: Miscanthus Grass, Drift Roses, Crytomeria, Daffodils, Bearded Iris, Sweet Flag, Liriope Grass and Trumpet Vines

Landscape Services:
Landscape services are being provided by Tom Twomey Landscape Services 404-423-4777. Tom is an original resident of the Post Oak Community and has served as a board member for both the Post Oak Recreation Association and the Post Oak Homeowners Association.

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