2023 Annual Dues for Entrance Maintenance

Attention all homeowners! At the present time we have a very limited number of homeowners supporting our community financially through our annual appeal letter. This is the responsibility of every homeowner residing in Post Oak Square and Post Oak Springs. All proceeds go directly to maintaining our five entrances plus road frontage along Post Oak Tritt Road.

We are making one more attempt this year community-wide to ask for your participation. Without the full support of the community, we will be discontinuing the utilities to the five entrances effective October 1st. NO MORE ENTRANCE LIGHTS!

First impressions of our community
directly impact our property values.
The decision is yours.

We have 375 homes in the community and less than 135 have participated or about 35%. The maintenance costs are simply unsustainable without your commitment to financially support your community. In addition, two entrances are in need of electrical repairs estimated at over $1,500.

2023 Expenses Include:

  • Weekly mowing, blowing, edging and weed control $5,400
  • Pinestraw and mulch $1,750
  • Signage/Lighting Maintenance $2000
  • Lights $1,800

If you have already contributed this year and would like to make another contribution, we welcome your participation.

For questions or comments, or if you are interested in serving the community with your time and abilities, please email  info@postoakcommunity.org.

Please make it a priority to support your community! You can visit the Donate tab above to give online (recommended donation is $50) or you can use this form (print and mail with your check made out to Post Oak Community, PO Box 73022, Marietta GA 30007). 

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