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The Post Oak Community (POC) is a voluntary group of residents of the Post Oak Community, which is made up of the Post Oak Springs and Post Oak Square subdivisions. POC is administered by a subcommittee of the Post Oak Recreation Association (PORA), but is wholly separate financially. Membership in POC is completely voluntary and separate from PORA.

The voluntary annual membership donation suggestion is $75 via PayPal.  This money is used to provide entrance lighting, grounds maintenance, and upkeep of the 900 feet of roadway along Post Oak Tritt Road.  All of the money is spent in the best interest of the community and maintaining our property values.  If you would like to submit your membership dues, click here. Questions about the budget? See the FAQ.

If you are interested in helping your community then please contact us to find out ways you can help out.

Note for realtors and closing attorneys: the Post Oak Springs and Post Oak Square community has no enforced covenants or required homeowner’s association membership dues. Therefore no statements of account, closing letters, or other information will be required for closing.

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