Q. What does POC do?

A. POC manages the donations of homeowners to oversee the maintenance of the entrances to our neighborhoods, Post Oak Springs and Post Oak Square. The donations cover the electricity, insurance, and costs associated with keeping the entrances to our neighborhoods tidy and beautiful. This helps increase the value of our homes immensely.

Q. Where does the money received from donations go?

A.  Our first priority is the 5 entrances and 900 feet of roadway along Post Oak Tritt Road which includes:

  • Seasonal mowing, blowing, edging, pruning and weed control
  • Pine straw and mulch
  • Signage/Lighting maintenance
  • Keeping our lights on
  • Enhancement of entrances through periodic installation of new plant material

Q. I have a question about the pool/tennis facilities…

A. POC does not manage the pool or tennis facilities. These are handled by the Post Oak Recreation Association. You can find out more at their website.

Q. What about a neighborhood yard sale?

A. Homeowners are welcome to have a yard sale at any time, pursuant to Cobb County code regulations. If multiple homeowners wish to conduct a “neighborhood” yard sale, they may do so at their own expense. POC will assist in facilitation of such activities (e.g. coordinating emails and posting information on the website).

Q. What about graduation banners?

A. Previously, POC would have graduation banners made for graduating seniors in high school. However, due to lack of donations by homeowners, no such funding exists. If homeowners wish to have a banner created, the following must happen:

1. Homeowners wishing to have a graduation banner created must contact POC to have an announcement made on the website soliciting for donations or other names to be added to the banner, and a contact person (a homeowner) who will handle collection of names and funds.

2. Homeowners are responsible for ordering and paying for the banner. POC will not contribute any monies towards the cost of the banner.

3. Homeowners may put yard signs out at the entrances to the subdivisions soliciting for additional names for the banner and funds to procure a banner.

4. After a suitable period (two weeks is suggested), homeowners should purchase the banner. If desired, homeowners may use the existing banner hanging system (but must contact POC for the dimensions of the banner prior to ordering, and ensure the banner hanging system is available).

5. The banners may be posted at the various entrances to the subdivisions but must not block existing street signage and must be pursuant to Cobb County codes and regulations.

6. The banners must be removed at the end of May, and the banner hanging system must be returned to POC.

7. In the future, if funds are available, POC may elect to facilitate the purchase and display of graduation banners.

Q. My neighbor has a parked car on the street, what can I do about it?

A. POC has no enforceable covenants. Cobb County code says that cars are allowed to be parked on the street, provided they meet certain criteria. These criteria are enforced by the police. If you have further questions, you can contact the police, Cobb County, or have a look at the county website.

Q. My neighbor doesn’t maintain their yard, what can I do about it?

A. First, be a good neighbor and make sure that they are well enough to take care of their yard. Second, remember that POC has no enforceable covenants. We can only suggest that homeowners do their part to keep up the community’s home values by maintaining their homes and yards appropriately. Third, please refer to the Cobb County code for yard maintenance. You are welcome to contact the County for additional assistance.

Q. My neighbor doesn’t maintain their home, what can I do about it?

A. See the previous question.

Q. My neighbor walks their dog without a leash, or doesn’t pick up their dog’s waste, what can I do about it?

A. Cobb County code says that dog owners may not walk dogs off-leash, and must clean up after their dog. A nice way to handle it would be a polite conversation with your neighbor, and remind them of the regulations.

Q. What can I do to help?

A. Glad you asked – the first thing would be to ensure you have donated to the POC fund. The electricity doesn’t pay for itself! Second, make your desire to help out known to POC – use the contact form.

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