We Need Your Support! 🙌

Did You Know?

Your annual contribution helps Post Oak Community maintain our 5 entrances and 900 feet of roadway along Post Oak Tritt Road? But minimum annual maintenance costs continue to increase. Your $75 contribution goes toward: 

  • Weekly mowing, blowing, edging, & weed control 👉 $5,400
  • Annual Pine straw & mulch 👉 $1,000
  • Annual Entrance Signage & Lighting Maintenance 👉 $1000
  • Keeping our streetlights on 👉 $2,000

For questions or comments, or if you are interested in serving Post Oak Community with your time and abilities, please email  info@postoakcommunity.org.

Thank you for your support! Donating is easy via PayPal or using the QR code below.

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